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Past Solo Exhibitions
Artists & Artisan Tour
  June 26th, 2014

The Downtown Neighborhood Association of Savannah presents the Artists and Artisan Tour in conjunction with ARC Savannah. The event is similar to a progressive dinner, only instead of meals, guests move from historic home to home to sample different types of wine and local foods. Tour goers will enjoy meeting and mingling with homeowners and artists, as well as have the opportunity to purchase original art and view private and rare collections.

The Artists and Artisan Tour will begin and end at the Savannah Law School, where many of the new works of the featured artists will be on display. Each home will have a different group of artists participating and different wines to sample. The Tour’s purpose is to raise funds for downtown Savannah public safety initiatives including new lighting, security cameras, funding increased foot patrol and Neighborhood Crime Watch programming.

The Tour features three historic homes, located along Gaston Street, as well as the Savannah Law School, where the Tour will begin and end. Tour goers will enjoy meeting and mingling with homeowners and artists, as well as have the opportunity to purchase art along the way. Through a partnership with ARC (Savannah Artists Resource Collective), a distinguished group of Savannah artists will be on hand displaying and selling their work for this first time event.

Featured Artists Include:
Adam Gabriel Winnie
Dan Kaufman
Michael W. Ellison
Heather MacRae-Trulson
William Armstrong
Melinda Borysevicz
Jerome Meadows
Abby Leigh Johnson
Angela K. Coonce
Judy Mooney
Tracy Concha
Dicky Stone
Meryl Truett
Fran Thomas
Jeanne Elizabeth Svendson
Juliana Peloso
Kelley Hagemes
Jill Brougher
W. Gerome Temple
Daniel E. Smith

Figuring the Self
  December 3rd-13th, 2013
This ongoing series of life-size figurative drawings develop through open narratives which take existent features of our inevitable conflicts as their central focus. Those private/public, internal/external conflicts are born through coping with an absurd and tragic existence whose meaning will forever escape our grasp. They embody our contradictory state of relationships with ourselves and others. The protagonists of these works, visually define, through personal experience and social precedence, the inescapability of our essential illness. There are no beginnings or endings, no solutions are offered and no utopia is alluded to. The viewer is faced with only the height of the second act. The incompleteness of narration intends to provoke inner dialog and intrigue while at the same time leaving the onlooker with wanting more. The self portraiture which exists represents My involvement with these preoccupations. I can only speak for myself, for each man is an island universe.

View the drawings from the exhibition Here, and the video performances Here
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Work on Glass
  January 12th - 23rd, 2012
Works on Glass, featured 67 glass photographs and a video installation titled, An Endless Journey on an Island Universe. The exhibition explored the frailty of the human condition. In addition, our existential struggle within a fracturing society is revealed through the gestures of the figures and their environments. Technology as a Pandora's box, gender relationships, aging, loneliness, despair and control are woven into these contemporary photographic tableaus which summon a confrontational experience.

View works from this exhibition Here.
This exhibition was successfully funded through Kickstarter. View the project page Here.

New Works in Portraiture
large product photo   April 8th - May 24th, 2009
An exhibition of seven portraits from an ongoing series. Included are artists who's disciplines range from performance art and painting to philosophy and writing. I've chosen Frida Kahlo, William Burroughs, Kurt Vonnegut, Marina Abramovic, Merret Oppenhiem, Aldous Huxley and George Bataille, because of the reverence all of these remarkable artists are due.





View works from this exhibition Here
Read the press Here.

Hell Follows A Pale Horse
large product photo   October 3rd - 31st, 2008
An exhibition of large format posters printed from a culmination of 4 years worth of images. Presented with a new sculpture work titled : for Lautremont" and accompanied by photographs printed on glass. This solo exhibition was a result of winning the Pierpont Commons Juried Exhibition.


               click the photo to view images from the exhibition

A Homage: Portraits of Strange Influence
large product photo   January 11th- 31st, 2008
The title "Homage and Influence" reflects the gratitude I wish to extend to these remarkably creative persons. The included in the portraits are performance artists, musicians, writers, photographers, visual artists, play writes, and philosophers. They reflected my own interests in life and artistic pursuits. The paintings were completed over a period of two years with each work taking between 40 to 70 hours of labor. This exhibition was made possible through the Pierpont Commons Juried Exhibition.

Go here to view the Paintings

A Prelude to Frail Minds and Flesh
large product photo   August 1st - September 14th 2007

The subject of the exhibit endeavors to disrobe our Napoleon complex and confront our vulnerability of mind and body. Ours is a world of talent and of art. Mastery of one's self comes not only through occupation, but through persistent study and exploration of the arcane. Through all the ravages of time, the chaos of war and the frailty of the mind.. secrets live on. Knowledge alone survives. These are the stories of kingdoms long forgotten. These are the voices of scholars and ghosts.

View works from the exhibition here.
Read the review by Metro Times here.

Deciding to Disappear: A Revelations of Insignificance
large product photo   April 14th - May 12th 2006
Dissecting the human experience has become a major function behind this conceptual installation. Delving in to the fear of loneliness and insignificance one can either succumb to the minds power to reject reality or channel the energy to a higher understanding of humanity For you cannot truly know joy if you have not experienced fear. For Adam this exhibition has become a means of bringing the intangibility of thought into a tangible visual presence. This in turn, for the creator and experiencer, can act as a catalyst towards self reflection and the realization of purpose.



Go here to read the review.
Go here to view a portion of the installation.

Man as MonoChrome
large product photo   February 3rd- 10th, 2006
Man as MonoChrome is a fierce tour de force of the senses. This exhibition isn't for the week hearted individual, it combines instillations of a biological nature (pigs heart, sheep eyes) with graphic body prints, sound force, sculpture and performances. We are finite men in a finite world seeking out that which is infinite.

Go here to view the exhibition
Go here to watch the performances

False Gods & the White Picket Fence Syndrome
large product photo August 29th- September 19th 2005

The contexts behind this exhibition lie in the social commentary of material item worship, governmental and corporate media manipulations, as well as the selfishness of the American Dream. These recent works might be described as sculpture of a conceptually constructivist nature which embraces an almost Neo-Dadaistic approach.

Go here to read the review.

Interpretations of the Infinite Moment
large product photo   May 1st- 31st, 2004
For Adam Winnie infinite moments are considered the most ascentantly influential elements in the unending series of events and experiences which create our personalities, traits, and reactions. Each precise instant has recourse and definite consequences upon the development our future selves. With some being more efficacious than others whether its when two lovers first kiss or man distraught with hart broke leaps to his death from a window. These moments transcend physical time and emanate an unending instant to which the experiencer is forced to say yes to all existence for nothing exists without a decisive moment.




Go Here to view the video of the performance.
Go Here to view the few remaining images from the exhibit

Segments Squares Orange (1st Solo Exhibition)
large product photo    
Adam Winnie's solo exhibition debut at the Dreamland Theater in Ypsilanti Michigan. Sometimes subtle in its message, sometimes on the senses, the work can jointly be stark and throttling in what it conveys and how it plays on perceptions. The artist, for his part, subscribes to the notion that much of his art is unfinished, lending it to be taken in how it will through individual pairs of eyes. Through photography, photograms, paintings, sculptures, mixed media and assemblages Adam deconstructs boundaries of classification.





Go Here to read the review in Metrotimes.

Past Group Exhibitions
large product photo   November 1st, 2013
Hosted by Local Color: SCAD Painting Club and Sculpture Forum, Omnibus is a collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and other works. It is an anthology of our generation of artists and a display of many works as one. 



large product photo   May 16th - 22nd, 2012

Ashmore Gallery presents: Myopia, a collaborative show exhibiting an eclectic collection of work ranging in media from the traditional to the contemporary by a group of artist as diverse as the work they create.

Emma Balder, Jaclynn Benner, Roxy Erickson, Tess Gumbin, Caity Paulter, Jessica Ream, Samantha North, Adam Gabriel Winnie

Foundation Studies Portfolio Awards Exhibition
large product photo   February 13th- 18th, 2010
The Savannah College of Art and Design presentsthe Foundation Studies Portfolio Awards Exhibition.This exhibition featured outstanding work by students enrolled in a foundation studies class during the 2010-11 academic year. This year, Adam Winnie received the grand prize.



Show & Tell
large product photo October 23rd-28th, 2009
Desotorow Gallery presents Show & Tell, an exhibition showcasing works of art which tell stories.



Ensnared, SCAD Sculpture Forum
large product photo   October 1st - 14th, 2009
Gallery 2422 presents Ensnared, a multi-media exhibit showcasing works from embers of the Savannah College of Art and Design Sculpture Forum



Visual StoryTelling
large product photo   April 15th - May 24th, 2009
Gallery Project presents Visual Storytelling, a multi-media exhibit showcasing the craft and imagination of a young generation of artists nationally known for their iconic graphic illustrations and gripping sequential narratives.


View the press release Here
Read the review Here
View all works from the exhibiton Here
View my works from the exhibition Here

large product photo   September 5th - October 12th
This exhibit will symbolize several transitions such as the switch from summer to fall, students heading back to school, and the gallery’s change of leadership. It also will explore the several ways one can interpret a single piece of artwork. Featuring works by Adam Winnie, Robert Park, Theresa Peterson, Cedric Tai, Anthony Vasquez, Nick Butcher, Aaron Curtner, Kimberly Lavon, and Nadine Nakanishi.


Lobby Art Show
large product photo   April 11th - July 1st, 2008
Organized and curated by Nick White of Lobby Art. Featuring artists Adam Winnie, Jason Heinrich, Nick White, Joe Young J.R., M. Craven, Jacob Mendel, Elizabeth Rose and others.


Art Show
large product photo August 29th - October 1st, 2008
Organized and curated by Jason Heinrich >
Coup D' Art
large product photo   March 28th, 2008
A one day art and music event organized by Atomic Art Cooperative. Atomic Art was a nonprofit arts organization in which Adam was an events organizer and later on president of. The exhibition showcased works calling for social, political and economic change. All of the artists were members of Atomic Art Co.
large product photo   March 7th- April 20th, 2008

East Lansing's alternative art space, (SCENE) Metrospace announces an upcoming exhibit of artwork themed around the word “transparent.” Fifteen artists from the Lansing area and all over the United States responded to this word with over 40 works of art exploring all aspects of transparency, from the physical to the emotional.

Artists featured in the exhibit include Juanita Baldwin, Brad Dinsmore, Chad Erpelding, Jennifer Hines, Jill Jepsen, Kimberly Lavon, William Linn, Heather McGeachy, Kelly Salchow, Jules Schmuker, Cedric Tai, Krys Tourtois, Anthony Vasquez, Tobias Walther, and Adam Winnie.

Go HERE to view information on "Transparent"

Yesterdays Dream
large product photo   February 22nd- March 30th, 2008
An exhibition featuring works from members of the Atomic Art Cooperative.

large product photo   February 2nd, 2008

A massive art and music exhibition to benefit the green building program, Environmental House.Presented by Atomic Art Cooperative thiis thirteen-hour colossus of a benefit will crossed age barriers and demographics to present the public with a truly impressive spread of talented and ambitious local artists and musicians. The Genesis benefit is themed around creation involving nature and new beginnings, accenting a variety of visual media from up-and-coming painters, sculptors, designers, and photographers.


Lobby Art Show
large product photo October 12th- December 20th, 2007
Organized Lobby Art Show, headed by Nick White.


Fall Out Fest
large product photo September 29th, 2007

Atomic Art Cooperative and Modati Clothing bring you "The Fall Out Fest", an outdoor event that will bring together many kinds of artists from the area and showcase their art, their passions, and their music.

As Summer is winding down we are left with the turning leaves of Autumn, a colorful time in Michigan. To celebrate this brilliance atomic Art wiII be showcasing over two dozen artists and musicians as well as hosting a live Graffiti contest.






Bizarre Bazaar
large product photo July 20th, 2007
Atomic Art Co. and Dirty Brothers Quality Productions presents a show whose content wanders through the waters of wayward, eccentric, subversive and erotic art.
Pulling out all the stops, Bizarre Bazaar will offer quite a different view of the local art scene through a host of multimedia including performance art, live music, visual art and more.




Go HERE to view the press release

large product photo June 9th - July 6th, 2007
Atomic Art Cooperatives first collective art and music exhibition.








Go HERE to view the press release

Community Retorted
large product photo May 12th - June 12th, 2007
An exhibition of works from an all star cast of local arts organizations. Curated by dirty Brothers Quality Productions.
Dirty Show 7.5
large product photo September 22nd- 24th, 2006

World famous erotic art exhibition.



Mini Show
large product photo March 31 & April 1st , 2006

M.I.N.I. SHOW featured art of a tiny stature. The theme for the exhibition was for all art works to be no larger the 8"x8". Curated and organized by Dirty Bros. Quality Productions.


large product photo June 4th, 2005
The name says it all. G.I.A.N.T. was a huge art and music extravaganza organized by Dirty Bros.
Urban Decay Decor
large product photo February 26- March 15, 2005
Urban Decay/ Decor rests on the shoulders of this thought. Conducivly bringing together established and emerging artists to bare their static emotions which are receptacle effects of their environment. Works from William Peletier, Nick Reszetar, Adam Winnie, Laurel Beaudet, Alison Bates, and several graffiti artist’s. This show marks the 2nd exhibition for Natural Canvas.




Natural Canvas Grand Opening
large product photo January 15th, 2005

Natural Canvas gallery and Studios grand opening exhibition. Curated by Adam Winnie, featuring works from Chadness Willi, Fox Sullivan, Chris Sandon Laurel Beaude and himself. Adam Winnie and Chadness Willi founded Natural Canvas and Adam was its director.

What! Two Man Show
large product photo January 15th- February 20th, 2005

What! Two man Show was a collaboration between Chris Pierce and Adam Winnie. Using analog methods of producing photographs and screen prints the artists chose to stay true to the craft.




Go here to read the press from the exhibition View works from the exhibition Here.

Collection of Local Artists
October 8-18, 2003

Gallery 555's 2nd exhibition at their Ypsilanti location.



Sight and Sound Underground
large product photo January 20th, 2003
Sight and Sound Underground was a group exhibition organized in a multi level cellar by Chadness Willi and Adam Gabriel Winnie.