These large scale drawings have developed through open narratives which take existent features of our inevitable conflicts as their central focus. Those private/public, internal/external conflicts are born through coping with our absurd and tragic existence whose meaning will forever escape our grasp. They embody the contradictory state of relationships between our inner worlds and our outwordly projected selves which interact with those around us. The protagonists of these works, visually define, through personal experience and social precedence, the inescapability of our essential illness, the driving force behind so many of our actions, Fear. There are no beginnings or endings, no solutions are offered and no utopia is alluded to. The viewer is faced with only the end of the second act. The incompleteness of narration intends to provoke inner dialog and intrigue while at the same time leaving the onlooker with a lingering sense of wanting more. The self portraiture which exists in manyof my works represents my preoccupations with these thoughts and feelings. I place myself in the drawings because I can only speak for myself, for each man is an island universe. Entangled within these allegories are demonstrations on the failure of words and the unbreachable nature of the private experience.
All Works © Adam Gabriel Winnie 2014
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